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How Often Should You Wash Your Face? We Dish The Dirt

Sometimes a face wash is just too much – if you’re rushing out of the door, if you feel under the weather, or comfortably settled on the sofa.

But neglecting to wash it frequently, even if only with a splash water, may lead to a multitude of skin problems.

Here is the lowdown on how often to do it and what you should use

The most accurate answer is it depends.

Your skin type and lifestyle have an immediate effect on how many times you have to clean your face. Though a comprehensive twice-daily washing may help some people maintain a clear complexion, it might exacerbate problems like rosacea in others.

First things first, your skin type is the biggest factor to affect your skincare regimen, including how frequently you should clean your face. That is because no two skin types will be exactly the same, and just how much sebum you produce plays an essential part in your skincare regimen. Sebum is a naturally produced oil, secreted from sebaceous glands in your pores, for the purpose of protecting the skin’s surface, moisturizing, and ensuring suppleness. These pores are found all over your body, but predominantly on your face and scalp.

If you suffer from overly oily skin, due to the production of excess sebum, then you should probably be washing your face twice daily. That is because oil is more prone to becoming trapped inside your pores that contribute to blemishes, so be sure to cleanse frequently to stop breakouts.

If you’ve got dry skin, then you will probably be better off just washing your face once every day. This is because excess cleansing may further strip the skin of its natural oils.

And last but not least, how often should you clean your face when you have combination skin? Characterized by dry skin, with an oily T-Zone – across the forehead and down the nose, the number of times you should wash on a daily basis will be different.

Generally, you should clean your face twice per day – once when you awaken and once when you go to bed; however, always be prepared to be flexible and listen to your skin’s needs.

For most skin types, it’s best to avoid soap, as this can have ingredients that can dry out your skin, encourage rashes or spots to develop. Facial washes are a much better option for removing dirt and grease, whilst leaving your skin condition stable.

How often should you wash, based on your lifestyle

Your own lifestyle plays a role in the frequency of washing – whether you do a lot of exercise, live in a polluted city, have pets, and so on.

If you exercise regularly, make sure you carry out a fast cleanse following your workouts to reduce the risk of perspiration clogging your pores; however, the higher blood circulation from an elevated heartbeat can help improve your complexion by pumping oxygen and nourishment to your skin tissues.

If you travel frequently,  consider packing some antibacterial face wipes which will allow you to keep your complexion clean when on the move.

When should I wash my face?

Depending on your skin type and lifestyle choices, once in the morning and once at night seems to work well for the majority of people, including those with oily skin.  But in case you’ve got a dry complexion, you might get away with a good cleanse at night, followed by a rich moisturizer.

Washing in the morning removes the dead skin cells that have become loose overnight, which may lead to clogged pores.  A wash before bed wipes away the dirt, oils, and germs you have picked up during the day.

What is the harm in washing your face too often?

Even though it may go against everything you have ever read in your favorite beauty magazines, the simple truth is that damage can be done by washing your face too often. By drying out your skin and causing irritation, possibly contributing to acne flare-ups, over-washing your face can be an issue.

Even though you’re able to spot your skin type and use that as a rule for face-washing frequency you want to pay close attention to if your skin gets irritated by excessive washing. Symptoms to watch out for include redness or itching, itching, peeling, or flaking, fragile or cracking skin, and increased levels of sebum production.

Essential face washing tips

If you’re washing your face twice every day, there are a couple of points to think about.

To start with, you always need to take your makeup off before you clean your face.

Do not use too much pressure when you wash. The skin on your face is fragile, and rubbing at it with a cloth or sponge may actually damage the skin.

Should you decide to use a scrub, then be sure to observe the American Academy of Dermatology’s recommendations on secure at-home exfoliation to prevent causing more damage than good.

Selecting skin care products for face washing

The skincare products that you use have a substantial effect on the status of your complexion, and that means you need to select carefully.

If you’re planning to wash your face twice every day, swap out your acne-fighting best makeup removing cleanser for something much more moisturizing and gentle for among your everyday cleanses. Focus on the ingredients in your best makeup removing cleanser and other skincare products. Avoid scents, parabens, and alcohols and be skeptical about labels that don’t incorporate the term “non-comedogenic” – a comedone is a blocked pore.

Instead, start looking for face skin and washes products with ingredients that can nourish your skin. You would be amazed at the difference that particular components can make, such as the advantages of chlorophyll on your epidermis as well as green tea for treating acne.

The same as with your makeup removing cleanser, you wish to steer clear of alcohol-based toners. Rather, use one that is going to be gentler on your skin.

When attempting to determine how to best care for skin in regards to your own face-washing routine, remember that using products designed to target the specific requirements of every region of your skin is going to yield the best outcomes.

Watch this for some great skincare routine tips:

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