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Make a Gorgeous Gift Bag Using Wrapping Paper – it’s so Easy!

If you’ve bought a beautiful ceramic ornament or a bottle of wine as a gift, it can be really hard to work out how to wrap your present.  Sure, you could go and purchase a gift bag to put them in, but were you aware you could readily use some wrapping paper to make your own gift bag in only moments, and it’ll look far, far better?

These gift bags have been made with my wrapping paper and are the perfect way to wrap these unusually shaped presents.

You’ll need:

  • Decorative wrapping paper
  • Scotch® Gift Wrap Tape 3 Pack Caddie
  • Multi-Purpose Scissor 8″

Step 1:

Use the scissors to trim a bit of wrapping paper rectangular in dimension. Ensure that the length is twice as long as the width. You could always cut the length afterward if you need to.

Step 2:

Fold the edges of the wrapping paper toward the center so that they overlap slightly. Tape the seam together for the whole length of this paper. Scotch® Gift Wrap Tape is ideal to use to this since it secures the newspaper seam effortlessly. Plus it is tear-resistant so that you can be certain there will be no illicit peeking!

Step 3:

Twist the base of the wrapping paper up to make the base of the present bag. The thickness of the fold ought to be approximately 1/2 of the width of this paper. For example, if your wrap paper is 16 inches wide, then you will produce a fold 8 inches in the bottom.

Step 4:

Fold the paper again, this time producing a diamond shape by dividing the newspaper and pressing on the corners city. Secure with tape.

Step 5:

Twist the top and bottom pointed finishes indoors so they slightly overlap. Secure with tape.

Step 6:

Decorate with a pretty label and some ribbons – let your creative juices flow. Maybe attach some silk flowers to it, or a favorite photo, bringing a touch of your own design flair.

Step 7:

Punch holes and add your carrying ribbon.

All you need to do now is to decide what gifts you’re going to fill your present bag with.

I once made a set of them to fill up with treats to hand out to residents in the local nursing home. I did this recently with a bunch of friends and it was so much fun seeing the faces of these residents light up when we gave them a little present! Your friends will be so surprised by the thoughtful gift, and also that you took the time to make a pretty, personalized gift bag.

Present Bags Wrapping Tips

To be certain the present bag you produce retains up, keep these items in mind.

  • Consider how strong the paper you choose is – it needs to contain the gift securely, but be workable enough to fold accurately
  • Your bag must be twice as tall as it is broad
  • These gift bags aren’t suggested for things that are extraordinarily tall or heavy
  • You can always put in a sheet of cardboard, trimmed to size,  into the base of the bag to make it more sturdy.
  • If something seems flimsy, add tape!

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