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Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Face In The Shower? Our Expert Answers

The busy lives we lead, and the lack of time we seem to have, make the ideal training ground for developing the skills of multitasking. We are rapidly becoming experts at answering emails while doing chores around the house, taking business calls in the supermarket, or catching up with the latest blockbuster, chatting online to friends, and researching that important article all at the same time. So, it seems to follow that washing your face while showering will save time and be a great idea. Yes to the time saving, but no, it’s not the good idea that it appears to be.

What’s so wrong about washing your face in the shower?

Well, for starters, the skin on our faces is considerably more sensitive than on the rest of our bodies, and as such, is more prone to damage. When in the shower, most of us turn the temperature up, creating a waterfall of hot water. This can damage the sensitive skin on our faces, causing redness due to tiny broken capillary veins, dry skin, or an overproduction of oil.

Another reason to avoid face washing whilst showing is down to the amount of time we spend in the shower. Often, once we’ve carried out the obligatory washing, it’s lovely just to stand under the hot water, letting it stream over tired muscles, and aching limbs, allowing us to relax and feel calm; however, too much exposure to water can, again, damage and irritate the skin on our faces.

Soap can upset the natural pH balance of our skin, and this is especially true with faces. Most soaps have a pH of 8 – 10, whereas skin’s pH is 5.5, which means that soap can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to a dry, and damaged complexion, or even blocked pores. Bars marketed as facial soap can also cause problems, so are best avoided.

What can I use instead of soap?

There can be no doubt that our faces need washing. Dead skin cells, naturally produced oils and grime, from, for example, vehicle pollution, collects on the surface of our faces and needs removing in order for our skin to remain healthy.

Face washes are designed to cut through the build-up, whilst leaving the natural pH unaffected. With products created for the different skin types – oily, dry or normal, there’s a face wash to suit everyone. Producing minimal lather, they are quick to use and providing you wash them off, your skin should remain blemish-free.

For more tips on keeping your skin healthy, using face washes and avoiding acne and other issues, watch this:



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