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How to Give Your Gift the Professional Look

With all these parties, birthdays and weddings, presents are constantly required. Whether you are just searching for styling thoughts or if you’re thinking about how to wrap a gift for the very first time, then we have got you covered!

Wrapping a gift is simple just follow these basic steps:

To begin, you’ll need wrapping paper, scissors, and tape. It’s nice to pretty it up, too, by adding a bow, labels, and maybe even silk flowers for that extra special touch – have these handy.

  1. It is so much simpler to wrap something rectangular or square. Do yourself a favor and pack your present in a box.
  2. Pick the quality of your paper carefully – make sure it’s thick enough to cope with being folded around a gift without tearing.
  3. Handling hand cramps before Christmas? A sharp pair of scissors with a comfortable handle is crucial if you’ve got a heap of presents to deal with.
  4. Here is our suggestion from the experts: Double-sided tape is your secret weapon to get a neat seam.

Learn how to wrap a gift

Eliminate all the price tags. You don’t want the recipient to learn how much (or how little!) you have spent. If you can’t get rid of the sticker, blackout the purchase price with a pen.

Wrapping a box-shaped gift

  1. Set the present in a box. It is a whole lot simpler to wrap a gift popped inside a box, rather than struggle with cute, but squidgy, cuddly toys, balls, and more.  You can purchase boxes for presents from wrapping paper stores. You might even use an older box, you’ve got lying around your house – ensure it doesn’t have any print or logos on it though. It is a good idea to seal the box to stop it from coming open throughout the wrapping process
  2. Unroll the wrapping paper so that it’s enough to cover the box twice, but don’t cut it yet
  3. Lay the box upside down in the middle of the paper you’ve allocated to wrapping
  4. Fold the raw edge over the box, so that it finishes in the middle, then taking the rolled side, wrap it over the rest of the box
  5. Once you know it’s the right size, cut the paper from the roll, and repeat the wrapping, but using tape to stick it down. The box should be inside a square tube of paper now
  6. Trim the ends of the tube down but keeping them long enough to cover the ends of your box
  7. From each edge at one end of the tube, gently push the edges in so that they hug the box, and make firm creases
  8. Repeat the on the other end of the tube
  9. Returning to the first end, the two triangles that now stick out, fold over and tape down, making the edges as neat as possible
  10. Repeat this process at the other end
  11. Now you should have a neatly wrapped gift box.

Wrapping a cylinder-shaped gift

  1. Measure your gift around the circumference, adding 4 inches, the length, and the diameter
  2. Tissue paper is far better to wrap something this shape in
  3. Cut the tissue to your measurements – remembering the extra 4 inches
  4. Place your gift in the center and roll the tissue around it, sticking down with tape
  5. Twist both ends to seal them, a bit like a Christmas cracker

Adding decorations

This is the fun part where you can let your imagination go wild. Add bows, ribbons – two contrasting ones can make an attractive addition, labels, and maybe even some silk flowers.

This video has loads of stylish ideas for perfect wrapping:


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